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ANDREA PALA, classe 1986

Andrea Pala, one of Italy’s most promising oenologists was born on the island of Sardinia in 1986. Passionate about the secrets of winemaking since childhood, it wasn’t until he graduated from the University of Pisa with a degree in viticulture and oenology that he joined one of the main players in the world of Sardinian oenology and symbol of Alta Gallura.

Following the success of his distinguished work within his native region, Andrea becomes an important asset to various wine estates across the country; broadening his knowledge of viticulture, but most importantly understanding the link of his final product with people, their philosophies, and their land.

The many collaborations, both national and regional, have allowed Andrea to expand his know-how of the national territory, interact and compare himself with major professionals in the sector while refining innovative technical and commercial aspects of the industry. Thanks to the thoughtful consideration in the enhancement of the final product, starting from the values of the land in which it is born, Andrea’s work has become a benchmark in the industry, obtaining recognition for his wines in almost every national and international competition annually.

During his work with BernabeiLiquori, one of the country’s most reknown oenological consultancy firms, Andrea establishes a series of collaborative relationships with some of the most iconic wine estates in Italy. It is one of these last collaborations that will pave the way for his biggest project yet; the Guido F. Fendi wine estate.This collaboration has as its primary objective to create wines that fully reflect the territory, combining the vision and values of the family, the tradition of the territory, as well as the technical and commercial innovations.